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The M160 Handheld Terminal

The ACD M160 is a robust, lightweight and efficient data capture terminal for intensive mobile scanning applications.  Enabling fast efficient work processes i.e order processing, inventory control and picking-route optimisation’ throughout the supply chain, from the warehouse dock to the retail floor.

Built for purpose in the most demanding working environments, the tough ABS housing offers durability against windblown, rain and dust whilst the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system and powerful processor ensures flawless reliability.

Available with either a 1D or 2D laser scanner and the choice of two keyboards, the M160 is equipped with large touch sensitive, high contrast TFT display with LED backlight and five programable function keys.  The easily accessible battery compartment gives operators fast hot-swap capability and the elastic strap enables comfortable single-handed working.

  • 2D Scanner, Bluetooth module and UHF-RFID is available on request.

  • Docking station, additional batteries and vehicle mount kit are available for the M160.
Download M160 Technical Specifications

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The M260TE Handheld Terminal

Built for purpose, for the most demanding industrial environments, the ACD M260TE is a powerful data capture terminal for intensive mobile scanning applications.  A versatile productivity tool enabling fast and efficient order processing, inventory control and picking-route optimisation.

The tough ABS plastic case with built in protection buffering offers durability against drops, windblown rain and dust, whilst the, powerful NXP** processor, long battery life and either Android 6.0.1 or Windows Embedded Compact 7* operating system ensures flawless reliability.

All versions of the M260TE are equipped with a large touch sensitive – high contrast TFT display with LED backlight, a choice of two keyboards, two side scanner keys and ten user-programable function keys.  Units are BT-compatible (close-range network) and can be configured with one of four scanner options: 1D midrange, 1D long-range or 2D short or 2D long-range scanner. 

Wi-Fi connectivity is standard with all versions of the M260TE.  Host connectivity is provided via the DS260 docking station.  A comprehensive range of accessories: pistol grip, additional batteries, single/multi-battery chargers, vehicle mount kits and bags/belt holsters are available.

  • 5MP auto focus camera w/light. GPS & UMTS available on request.
Download M260TE Technical Specifications