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Frequently Asked Questions

As experts in our industry, we are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and services or how we can help improve your business through streamlined data capture and our incredible mobile work station solutions.

1 Who are ACD Elektronik GmbH?

Founded in 1976, ACD Elektronik GmbH are a leading supplier of portable data capture devices based in Achstetten in Southern Germany.  M.I.Data Solutions Ltd were introduced through a mutual client and have had a working relationship with ACD since September 2007.

2 What is MAX Mobile Work Station?

MAX Mobile Work Station provides an independent IT working platform for warehouse & logistics applications, for registering incoming goods, stock control, quality assurance order picking and shipping. 

Independent of the mains supply and fully mobile, the user can take MAX and its IT resources to the job wherever it is needed.  The benefits include shorter work pathways, faster data collection, reduced errors and reduced need for fixed IT positions.  A special cold store version extends MAX’s flexibility to operate at temperature down to -28oC.

Why not try our MAX Configurator.

3 Is MAX an IT tool or Software?

No. MAX mobile work station is a platform that powers & mobilises IT resources. MAX can be integrated with any warehouse management software.

4 How long does a fully charged battery last?

The length of the battery charge is dependent on the load and the demand on that load.  Based on our current clients experience a standard work station should last an 8-hour shift.  For high demand applications MAX mobile work station with a battery change system are available (and recommended) as model specific options.

5 What is MAX-TK?

MAX-TK is the special cold store/freezer version, designed to operate at temperatures down to -28oC.  For electrical safety reasons, it is only available with maintenance free 12V/60Ah gel batteries and comes with a battery change system as a model specific option.  M.I.Data Solutions offer the ACD MFT*** TK ruggedized tablet PC’s for use in cold store environments.

6 Do we offer Flexible Payment Terms for all our products?

Yes, we offer a Lease to Buy solution that enables you to pay monthly and gain full ownership of the equipment after a period of time.    See our Finance page for full information.