Warehouse KPIs are falling

CEO to Ops dir. “Your team keep fit running the floor”.

Ops dir. “They know their targets but having to fetch the paperwork from the IT station doesn’t make it easy”.

CEO “Crossing the floor all the time for labels is not best use of time”.

Ops dir. “More IT stations would help but that means running extra power outlets and there was no budget, remember?”.  

CEO “Having staff train for the Olympics is costing us though”.

Ops dir. “What about mobilising the IT”.

CEO. “What, how do we do that?”.

Ops. dir. “I saw a machine at the logistics trade show last March.  It’s a trolley with on-board power and you load the PC and the printer on it and wheel it all to the job, no more walking and less errors.

It was very well put together and I liked the name, MAX”.

They told me time and motion studies show that when you cost the time saved the ROI is really quick, and they offer finance deals”.

CEO. “Check it out.  If the ROI is quick, I’ll find the budget”.