Incorporated in 1996, M.I.Data Solutions Ltd (MIDSL) provides regulatory support services & data comms approvals for portable data capture terminals. In addition, while working with our partners ‘Comtime GmbH’ we supply custom designed modems for integration into portable devices as well as other third party hardware. Furthermore, in parallel with this we have added terminal repair services that have since become a major part of the business. Consequently, as a result of this activity, MIDSL was introduced to ACD Elektronik GmbH through a mutual client. 

MIDSL and its partners commit to the highest quality standards in both the products and services it provides.

Finally, at the end of 2016, MIDSL was invited by ACD Elektronik GmbH to be the UK reseller for its MAX Mobile Work Station. 



Customised to your specific requirements

The MAX Mobile Work Station provides an independent IT working platform for warehouse environments. MAX powers and carries the IT resources used for registering incoming goods, cross-docking, stock control, quality assurance, order picking and shipping.

  • Independent of mains power
  • Extremely robust design and flexible modular system
  • Mobilise your IT resources
  • Reduce work pathway and increase productivity
  • Used for goods receiving, stock management, order picking and shipping
  • Used for quality assurance and stock check
  • Can be customised to your specific requirements
  • Removes need for fixed IT resources
  • Cold store / Freezer use version, operates to -28°C
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Max 200
Max in use in warehouse

Robust Data Capture

M.I.Data Solutions Ltd has 30 years experience in the portable data capture business offering systems support services for new and legacy systems. We are not application software developers but work with customers to help develop the software target functional specification for applications. We work with the code developer and then the customer during final systems integration testing.

Portable data capture

Handheld Technology

MIDSL is an authorised reseller for ACD Elektronik GmbH. We supply ACD’s state-of-the-art high specification portable computing devices for warehouse & logistics and retail applications. Furthermore, we offer repair and maintenance support services. ACD Elektronik GmbH data capture terminals are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards.

Communications Solutions

In association with our partners Comtime GmbH since 1990, we supply stand-alone and bespoke custom engineered digital communications devices. These devices are supplied for integration into third party hardware. On special request we are able to supply analogue communications devices (modems) for legacy applications. We will do this until we can no longer source the key components.