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What is the MAX Mobile Workstation?

MAX was originally conceived and produced as a custom product for a customer who had bought ACD vehicle mount terminals for a warehouse application, but they were not to be deployed on a forklift truck and ACD was asked if they could produce a carrier system with on-board electrical power that could be manually manoeuvred to wherever it was needed.  ACD Gruppe are a custom engineering company and they responded to the request and the MAX Mobile Workstation was the answer.

10 years on, sales of MAX Mobile Workstation in Germany account for over 30% of ACD Gruppe’s turnover.

MAX Hardware

MAX is a carrier with four large castors to make it readily manoeuvrable and two on-board high capacity 12V lead-acid gel batteries to supply 24Vdc and an optional inverter to provide 230Vac.  MAX has undergone continuous development and today is offered with a range of inverters to provide AC power and many other hardware options to meet customer operational needs.


MAX carries and powers the IT system resources and other tools to where they are needed giving the operator the flexibility to work at the point of goods-in, cross-docking and shipping, or anywhere in the warehouse or cold store, saving the time taken walking to fixed IT stations for data entry, labels or other printed documents.  We call this the “work pathway” and the time taken by operatives walking to and from fixed IT stations could amount to 20% of working hours and is a significant cost overhead and an impact on productivity.

Cold Store or Freezer Use

MAX TK is the freezer/cold store version and it operates down to -28°C and when used with the ACD MFT* range or vehicle terminals is a practical solution for temperature controlled logistics. Choice of ac inverters is limited due to electrical safety issues. *The ACD MFT range of vehicle mount terminals are designed for operation from -30°C to +45°C and transfer seamlessly between freezer and ambient.

MAX Li-ion

MAX is available with lithium Ion batteries to reduce the overall weight without reducing the power capacity.

Recharging the Batteries and MAX Power Station

All MAX Mobile Workstations are equipped with a visual battery status display and audiable warning/alarm which sounds when battery level is critical.  Batteries should last a normal shift and the on-board charger can be connected to a normal AC wall outlet to recharge the batteries overnight ready for the next day’s work.  For intensive operations the “BWS-R” versions have a “roll cage” system which is used in conjunction with the ACD MAX Power Station.  A spare set of batteries is maintained on the Power Station and the discharged batteries can be quickly unplugged and rolled out of the MAX on to the Power Station for recharging and the spare fully charged set roll into the MAX battery compartment reconnected to the system and work can be quickly resumed.   See the video.

Quality Standards – ISO9001

The MAX Mobile Workstation is designed and manufactured to the highest quality and electrical safety standards.

The Configurator allows you to build and configure your own MAX Mobile Workstation to meet your specific needs.

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What is the Voxter® Elite Edition?

The Voxter® Elite Edition is a versatile voice computer developed for mobile voice-controlled data entry for picking, multi-order picking, goods put away, inventory checking, stock replenishment and automatic ordering.  ‘Check by voice’ is another application intended for quality control, servicing and maintenance.  Operators receive instructions via the headset and confirm actions verbally into the headset microphone.

The Voxter® Elite’s is compact and lightweight making it comfortable to wear and its robust construction guarantees reliable operation in any working environment.

Pick by Voice

Voxter® Elite Edition brings significant benefits to warehouse picking processes.  Pick by Voice eliminates the need for paper lists or operating handheld devices reducing processing time and increasing accuracy as operators can just focus on picking goods.  The Voxter® Elite’s online mode enables access to current stock levels at any time facilitating accurate stock management.

Check by Voice

Voxter® Elite Edition can be applied to quality control, service and maintenance systems.  Voxter® Elite Edition replaces the need for paper lists and portable data capture terminals with voice-controlled processes.  Operators can work hands and eyes free increasing efficiency and productivity.

Hands and Eyes free

Except for the on/off button all functions of the Voxter® Elite are voice controlled enabling operators to always be hands and eyes free; an advantage when working in cold store/freezer environments or when wearing gloves, guaranteeing maximum productivity.

Effective and Versatile

The Voxter® Elite Edition can be integrated into existing WMS & ERP systems without additional software (middleware).  Speech recognition and voice output to the headset are controlled by the Voxter® Elite Edition which is worn by the operator (on a belt) and is connected to the WMS / Host via Wi-Fi.

The voice client is intuitive and user-friendly and adapts to different speech and regional dialects.  Voxter® Elite Edition is controlled by voice commands and operators require minimal user training; which is an advantage for new employees and seasonal workers.

M.I.Data Solutions Ltd can offer the Voxter® Elite Edition as a trial before purchase.

Tel: 01425 489 234 for further information.