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Max Mobile Workstation

Take your IT resources to the job!


MAX mobile workstation is a mobile desk with on-board power enabling operators to transport IT resources, stationery and other tools to the point of activity.

MAX was initially designed for the ‘Logistics & Supply Chain’ sector.  A simple yet incredibly versatile solution that can be implemented throughout the warehouse process: Goods In, Cross-docking, Putaway, Inventory Control, Packing, Goods Out and Returns (Reverse Logistics).  A Cold store/Freezer version that operates to -28°C is available for temperature-controlled operations.

Benefits of MAX

  • Increased speed and work volumes as operators do not have to walk to and from fixed IT positions for data entry or collecting documents. 
  • Inventory accuracy is maintained and improved through real-time data entry 
  • Labelling errors are significantly reduced as documents and labels can be printed and applied on the spot. 

Alternate uses: MAX is not only dedicated to the Logistics & Supply chain sector. It can be deployed as a temporary workstation/mobile desk or as a power source where a mains power outlet is not available in retail, airports or other public commercial spaces.

MAX Workstation

Technical Overview

  • Robust steel and extruded aluminium construction with on-board power supply
  • 4 large castors, providing a stable and easily manoeuvrable mobile platform.
  • Independent of mains power
  • Equipped with either Lead acid gel or Lithium-ion phosphate maintenance-free batteries (model specific).
  • Each MAX Series (except MAX TK) is available with a choice of inverters to provide AC power (Inverter – converts DC power to 230 V AC power
MAX at Work

Case Study

‘Simplehuman’ granted M.I.Data Solutions Ltd access to their National Distribution Centre in Thrapston, to produce a case study to show the benefits of the MAX Mobile Workstation.

“MAX has saved us 90 minutes a day in admin & operator process time for outbound goods”Nigel Parker, General Manager – Simplehuman, Thrapston.

Which MAX is right for me?

MAX Mobile Workstation is not a commodity item and one model does not fit all!

The ACD design team have worked hard to ensure that MAX can be configured and defined for each individual operation.

Important aspects to consider when selecting the correct model:

  1. Is your operation single, multi-shift or 24 hours?
  2. What IT resources are required? Will additional printers be required in future?
  3. Will the IT resources be in continuous use?
  4. Field upgrade is not possible. Accessories must be selected with order.  

M.I.Data Solutions Ltd. provide consultation with our customers to best understand your operational requirements and spec the correct MAX configuration; as well as post-sales support.

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    MAX model ranges
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    MAX 200 Series

    See how our products can help beat COVID-19 and improve Health & Safety in the warehouse

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    MAX Mobile Workstation Accessories

    Accessories are factory fitted and must be selected with order.

    Battery Management

    All MAX Mobile Workstations are equipped with on-board charger and a visual battery status display and audible alarm which sounds when battery level is critical.  The on-board charger can be connected to a normal AC wall outlet to recharge the batteries overnight ready for the next day’s work.

    MAX BWS-R Series w/battery roll change system: For 24 hour or scanning/printing intensive operations, MAX BWS-R series models are used in conjunction with the ACD MAX Power Station (spare set of batteries required), enabling rapid and efficient battery change so work can quickly be resumed.  Please watch the battery change video here.

    MAX STD Li-Ion Series: MAX STD Li-Ion series is available with lithium-Ion batteries and all inverter configurations to reduce overall weight without reducing the power capacity.  Lithium-ion batteries enable fast and trickle charging capability; units can be charged during rest breaks.