Look at the Value… not just the Price

Whatever the purchase, we all want the best deal possible. 

What is the criteria to seal the deal?

  1. Design and build quality
  2. Value for money
  3. Compliance with quality and safety standards

MAX Mobile Workstation is a feat of German engineering, designed and built to give a long working life in the toughest work conditions.  Criteria #1 satisfied

Let’s look at the value.  The value lies in how MAX is used.

MAX mobilises IT resources and the operator no longer must spend time walking to and from the point of activity and a fixed IT station to keypunch data or collect printed material.  The minutes or even seconds saved per transaction can add up to hours saved per operator per shift and when the time saved during each shift is costed over a year the investment in MAX represents excellent value for money… typical ROI 6-12 months.  Criteria #2 well satisfied.

The MAX Mobile Workstation is certified to comply with all relevant European regulatory standards. Criteria #3 satisfied.