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Covid-19 and Health & Safety

Promoting staff well-being in the work place

With unprecedented demands on the supply chain due to COVID-19, distribution centres, warehouses & manufacturing in returning to full capacity it is imperative to ensure staff safety.

M.I.Data Solutions Ltd. can help you beat COVID-19, get back to better than full capacity and DO IT SAFELY

The MAX Mobile Workstation is a mobile desk with on-board power allows operators to mobilise IT resources, stationery & tools.  

  • Operators can work independently without the need to share IT resources at fixed positions, ensuring a safe social distance & eliminate unnecessary contact.
  • The MAX’s robust construction facilitates the means to carry sanitising products & easy cleaning in accordance with NHS guidelines.
  • Fixed protection walls can also be attached to ensure added operator safety.

‘Simplehuman’ granted M.I.Data Solutions Ltd access to their National Distribution Centre in Thrapston, to produce a case study to show the considerable productivity benefits of MAX.

“MAX has saved us 90 minutes a day in admin & operator process time for outbound goods”

Nigel Parker, General Manager – Simplehuman, Thrapston.


With strict NHS guidelines to guard against transmission of Covid-19, operators need to be confident that handheld devices can be regularly sanitised.

Developed for hygiene critical environments, the M266SE is designed without edges to prevent dirt build up and equipped with a washable membrane keyboard & antimicrobial coating.                        

Enabling operators to easily clean & sanitise the entire device with alcohol or other industry standard cleaning agents.  The tough ABS housing also offers durability against low-pressure water jets.

  • The M266SE can be implemented throughout the logistics process:
    Goods In, Cross-Docking, Returns, Picking, Packing & Outbound Goods
  • Resistive to alcohol and industry standard cleaning agents
  • Easily cleaned in accordance with NHS guidelines. 
  • A highly robust handheld ensuring years of flawless reliability

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    The busy warehouse environment with mechanical machines operating in the aisles alongside operatives on foot poses a considerable health and safety risk.  Operatives who have to cross aisles to fetch printed documents and labels from a fixed IT station are particularly at risk, especially when under time pressure. 

    This is where the MAX Mobile Workstation comes in to its own.  MAX mobilises the IT resources and the busy operatives can have the printer at their finger tips removing the need to cross the aisles where there are machines at work.  There is another significant benefit to be gained from investing in MAX, saving process time.  Every time an operative has to walk the distance to and from a fixed IT station there are minutes lost that cannot be regained.  Having all the resources immediately at hand increases work volumes and hence increases productivity.

    The old saying, “A stitch in time, saves nine” applies.  In our competitive market seconds and minutes saved all add up and when amortised across the whole shift the return on investment in MAX will be quickly realised.