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MAX BWS series

MAX BWS series

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Max BWS Series - MAX BWS with battery change system; with inverter. MAX BWS-OWR with battery change system; without inverter.

Basic Structure:

  • Aluminium base frame with four castors(two with locking brakes)
  • Adjustable work height, standard 1,050 mm (DIN 4549)
  • Easy to manoeuvre thanks to ergonomic handle and large castors
  • Very stable due to corner castors and low centre of gravity
  • Dimensions: H1120 x W550 x D580mm
  • Weight – approximately 95-113kg (without accessories)
  • Operating temperature 0˚C to +40˚C


  • Desk: W500 x D440mm, desk height adjustable
  • Standard rear wall: rear wall with document pocket
  • Pull-out battery changing slide (rapid battery change)
  • On-board charger, 9 A
  • On-board inverter, 230 V AC
  • 2 gel batteries, 12 V/60 Ah (maintenance-free)
  • 24 V DC connector including plug
  • Battery charge indicator displays battery capacity with acoustic and optical warning signal on reaching final discharge voltage with automatic stop (incl. deep discharge protection)
  • 6 outlet safety strip with on/off switch (UK 3 Pin)
  • Weight – approximately 113kg (without accessories)

Power configurations available:

  • MAX BWS 300 with on-board inverter 230 V AC/350 VA
  • MAX BWS 750 with on-board inverter 230 V AC/800 VA
  • MAX BWS 1200 with on-board inverter 230 V AC/1200 VA

Other model configurations also available:

  • MAX BWS-OWR: MAX BWS without inverter


  • MAX can be equipped with an ACD 10″, 12″ or 15″ rugged Vehicle Terminal from the MFT range


  • A comprehensive range of accessories are available to meet your specific operational requirements. An overview of the available MAX accessories can be seen in the Accessories gallery on the main product page. Our sales team will be happy to take your call to assist you with a personalised configuration – 01425 489 234
Illustration by: Jonathan Dawson