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NB Series

NB Series

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NB Series – The workhorse of industrial carts, powering productivity across a wide range of industries

NB Series

This Workstation is the most popular model of powered carts. A rugged, yet lightweight design that is highly configurable with a wide range of accessories for warehouse and logistics, manufacturing and retail.

Available as standard 610 mm or 457mm (slim) base frame.

Available with ‘Fixed’ Lithium-Ion Battery


PowerSwap Nucleus® Lithium Power System

Outstanding Benefits

  • Narrow footprint and lightweight

  • Plug & Play power system: No tools, heavy lifting or maintenance personnel required for battery changes

  • Hot Swappable Battery Model – Never run out of battery power or lose a terminal session

  • Ideal for multi-shift or 24/7 operation 

  • Battery life: 5-7 years (or 3,000 cycles) 

  • Wide variety of optional accessories available 

System Consists of:

a) NB Series workstation with battery docking station

b) 1 to 4 Lithium-Ion battery packs

c) Battery charging station

Unique Features Include:

Integrated Power: Seamless rechargeable power and the ability to run up to 4 devices at once for 8 – 12 hours of normal use.

Mobile: The compact footprint and 5″ locking swivel casters make it easy to deploy in any area you need it. They no longer must worry about forgetting something and having to go back to get it.

Adjustable: The slotted upright system allows for the shelves and accessories to be quickly adjusted in seconds to suit each operator’s needs.

Modular: A large selection of optional accessories is available and can be integrated in seconds, creating a highly versatile workstation configured to suit any application.

New Choices: Available with fixed or lightweight swappable Lithium battery options

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have any queries about this model, please contact our sales team: sales@midsl.co.uk

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