We do need to talk

It is puzzling why we receive enquiries about our products via the website and meet resistance when we try to engage.  

M.I.DSL is a solutions provider to the warehouse, logistics and supply-chain sectors and we can only offer the right solution after we understand the customer’s operational objectives.

We know from customer experience how our products bring significant benefits in productivity gains by reducing the process time for each operation and from the time savingswe can calculate the return on investment. To get there we have to clearly understand how the customer operates and the problem they are looking to solve. Then we like to carry out a time and motion study to demonstrate the value the product(s) will bring to the operation and put numbers to the time saving benefits. At this point we can give a quote.

With the HasciSE wearable scanner the benefit is two-fold.  

  1. The operator saves seconds not having to pick up and put down the scanner, and
  2. User comfort, both hands are free for the job.

Selecting the right configuration of MAX is more involved because one size does not fit all.  The process is a bit like buying a new car.  Do you want petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric,economy or high performance?

For MAX the key operational parameters are:

  1. 1,2 or 3 shift working – determines Li-ion or lead acid batteries,
  2. the type of printer that will be deployed – determines the inverter type,
  3. optional extras – e.g.  tabletop, monitor support, pull-out shelf of drawer unit etc.

Note: options are factory fit only.

This is why we need to talk, simply quoting a price does not answer the questions that need answering.