Max workstation trial

MAX Trial

M.I.DSL is the UK-Reseller for ACD Group of Germany. Our flagship product is the MAX Mobile Workstation (MAX is the German acronym for Mobil Arbeits Platz).  MAX is well established in Germany but the concept is still gaining ground in the UK. 

The design of MAX is quite simple.  It is a very stable and manoeuvrable mobile desk with on-board electrical power for a PC, it can also accommodate a monitor, barcode scanner and printer(s). 

Walking is not working

In many distribution centres operatives spend valuable time walking to and from fixed IT stations to keypunch data and collect printed media. With IT resources mobilised on MAX, valuable time is not lost walking and productivity increases.

We build MAX to suit the workplace shift practices and the IT resources it will carry. The next step is to trial the product. 

Customer trial

It is important everyone from senior management to the operatives who will use MAX are working as one. This will make the trial worthwhile.

At the start we carry out a time and motion study of the customer’s current work process. We then repeat this process with MAX.  From the process-time saved we calculate a return on investment (ROI) which in most cases will turn out to be 6 to 12 months.

Customer Reaction

Usually customers are enthusiastic about MAX and delighted in how it benefits their operation. 

We are in regular contact with the customer during the trial and at its conclusion we will go over the data and calculate the final ROI to build the business case. 

It’s not what is costs to do, it’s what it is costing not to do

Investment in MAX enables workers to be more productive and with a typical ROI of less than 12 months it is an investment that continues to give.

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