See what it brings to the party

In engineering facts are either right or wrong but in sales you are dealing with people and 2 + 2 does not necessarily equal 4.


In many warehouse operations operatives have to walk between the job and a fixed IT station to keypunch data and collect printed material.  The time taken walking adds up and is a costly overhead.  Mobilising the IT resources on a MAX Mobile Workstation saves that time, improves productivity and also reduces the risk of mislabelled products going to the wrong place.

Reduced Overheads

Time and motion studies at customer sites have shown time savings of typically 30 minutes per operative per shift.  When costed (@ £25/hr notional operating overhead) that adds up to a saving of around £16,000 per year per operative. Investment in MAX is compelling, the ROI can be in the order of 4 to 6 months.

Great Return on Investment

Looking at “2+2=4”, some see the value of the result; many only see the numbers in the equation.  “It’s expensive”, they say but most finance directors are happy with an ROI of 2 years.  The argument is compelling when you look at the value it brings.