Warehouse KPIs are down yet again

CEO to CFO & Ops dir. “Why are the overtime hours increasing every month?”

Ops dir. “It started when we took on the new project, we had to reorganise the floor layout to squeeze it all in and now staff have to walk the long way round the cages to fetch the address labels from the printer”.

CEO “and?”, Ops dir. “Well, it means each process now takes about 30% longer than before the reorganisation”.  CFO “and there are too many late and incorrect deliveries, Marketing are telling me we are getting negative reviews posted on social media”.

CEO “We need to do something and quick”.

CFO to Ops dir. “I remember seeing something at ILX last March which would help, what was it now? That’s it, it was on the ACD/MIDSL stand, a Mobile Workstation, they call it MAX for some reason.  You put the PC and the printer on it and wheel it all to the job, it saves the walking time, helps reduces errors and the job gets done quicker”.

Ops dir. “Yes, I remember.  Their UK guy told me how they carry out time and motion studies and the results show the ROI to be well under 12 months”.

CEO. “That works for me. Find out where they are and call them in, the overtime bill is killing us”.