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Purchasing made easy

M.I.Data Solutions have been working with Reality Finance to streamline your purchasing process:  making it more efficient and cost-effective for our customers to invest in essential Warehousing and Supply Chain solutions.

Our Hire Purchase & Lease to Buy option enables you to purchase from us now but pay overtime via monthly or quarterly instalments.

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What are the Benefits of Finance?

  • You get full ownership and or title options at the end of term
  • Enables you to purchase solutions now and pay overtime, as it’s being used
  • Retains capital to invest in other areas of your business
  • A set monthly cost enables you to manage cash flow, forecast and plan ahead
  • Flexible payment terms including deferred or seasonal payments are available
What's the Process of Lease to Buy?

  • Work with our Sales Team to choose the right solution for your business
  • We will provide you with a quote, which will include a monthly payment option
  • If you choose to pay monthly, then Reality Finance will arrange application approvals
  • Your equipment is delivered and installed as usual: you can even include this as part of your payment plan
  • You commence paying instalments, typically ten to fourteen days after we receive funds from Reality Finance
How will I gain full ownership of the equipment?

When reviewing your finance proposal, a title option can be provided that will confirm what fee you will pay if you wish to purchase the equipment once all lease payments have been made and the agreement has been terminated. This ensures that you can factor in both the lease payments and title option costs when assessing the finance options provided.

Do I still pay VAT if purchasing via Lease to Buy or Hire Purchase?

Reality can arrange both Lease to Buy and Hire Purchase agreements.

Lease to Buy agreements you would pay VAT on the monthly payments and title option

Hire Purchase agreements you would pay all VAT due on the equipment upfront rather than on the monthly payments.

Reality is available to discuss all options on request.

If you’d like further information in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us or our Account Manager at Reality Finance, Mike Davies on 07786 328 884 or visit the Reality Finance website: https://www.realityfinance.com/business-asset-finance/lease-to-buy.

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Case Study
Fast Food Production Company 

Reality Finance recently worked with a Yorkshire based manufacturer of specialist gluten and dairy free food products. This company was producing over 20 million meals a year to major supermarkets and food outlets and were in demand to produce more of their product.


With the new factory set up and running, and with the brand growing, orders from leading supermarket chains continued to increase. The production line was struggling to keep up with the demand, with the company having to turn away new orders, stopping the business from growing further.

The company recognized that to increase its production volume, it would need to invest in specialist machinery including an additional packaging and production line – a significant capital investment.   With immediate cash reserves allocated to other areas of the business, the company needed an alternative method of funding their new equipment.


Reality Finance were able to put together a monthly payment solution, enabling the company to spread the cost of their investment over a 5-year period. The purchase was an Eclipse SL4 Atmospheric Heat-Sealing Machine Installation as well as spare parts, accessories, and delivery.

This new equipment was delivered and installed within weeks of the initial order, meaning the manufacturer could increase their production and meet the demands of their suppliers.

Michael Davies, specialist Account Manager at Reality Finance arranged the finance on behalf of the company:

“Our customer needed to increase production quickly and we were keen to support them with getting the required kit into place. With the Packaging Automation supplied machine and our support with the funding, they were able to double their production line immediately”.