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M.I.Data Solutions Ltd has enjoyed a successful partnership with ACD Elektronik GmbH, Comtime GmbH and Marchwood Technologies Ltd.  Through these partnerships, we can bring considerable expertise and industry experience in terms of data communications, data capture and electronic engineering.

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MIDSL provides a UK based repair facility for ACD mobile computers that are used by a leading retailer throughout the UK as part of a mission-critical mobile computer system.

ACD mobile computers and truck mount ruggedized Windows CE computers are state-of-the art devices offering first class performance and reliability in the most demanding of warehouse and retail applications.

High specification and multi-featured rugged mobile computer terminals manufactured to the highest quality standards

An ISO9001/2 approved design production house who specialise in designing and manufacturing small volume bespoke high tech designs for many prestigious UK and European clients.

Large companies do not have the flexibility to offer small volume production runs and together with Marchwood Technologies, MIDSL has designed and produced custom made host site communications equipment racking systems to UK based clients.

MIDSL has supplied custom made analogue data communications devices for remote telemetry applications to many UK companies. The analogue modem may be “yesterday’s” communications medium but there are still many telemetry applications and mobile computer systems where a 2-wire analogue modem is the most cost effective communications channel. Our partners in this enterprise are Comtime who are a very experienced design house producing analogue, GSM and other digital communications adaptors either as stand-alone units or embedded devices.  Comtime have pioneered  the development of remote access systems to facilitate remote diagnostic testing or wide area fault reporting.

M.I.Data Solutions have been working with Reality Finance to streamline your purchasing process:  making it more efficient and cost-effective for our customers to invest in essential Warehousing and Supply Chain solutions.

Our Hire Purchase & Lease to Buy option enables you to purchase from us now but pay overtime via monthly or quarterly instalments.

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