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MAX STD Li-ion Series is available with lithium-Ion phosphate battery and all inverter configurations to reduce overall weight without reducing the power capacity. For multi-shift, 24/7 or scanning/printing intensive operations Lithium-ion batteries enable fast and trickle charging capability; units can be charged during rest breaks.

Basic Structure:

  • Aluminium base frame with four castors (two with locking brakes)
  • Adjustable work height, standard 1050 mm (DIN 4549)
  • Easy to manoeuvre thanks to ergonomic handle and large castors
  • Very stable due to corner castors and low centre of gravity
  • Dimensions: H1130 x W550 x D580mm
  • Weight – approximately 67kg (depending on version)
  • Operating temperature 0˚C to +40˚C


  • Tabletop W500 x D400mm, desk height adjustable
  • MAX STD Li-Ion 300: On-Board charger 15 A
  • MAX STD Li-Ion 750: On-Board charger 16 A
  • MAX STD Li-Ion 1200: On-Board charger 25 A
  • Lithium-ion phosphate batteries: –
    MAX STD Li-Ion 300: 1x 12 V/90Ah
    MAX STD Li-Ion 750: 2x 12 V/100Ah
    MAX STD Li-Ion 1200: 2x 12 V/100Ah
  • Integrated battery management system to balance and
    supervise battery cells
  • 5-way power outlet (UK 3 pin) with residual-current
    circuit breaker (RCD)
  • Bypass circuit during charging process (MAX 750/1200 Li-Ions)

Power configurations available:

  • MAX STD Li-Lonen 300 with on-board inverter 230 V AC/375 VA
  • MAX STD Li-Lonen 750 with on-board inverter 230 V AC/800 VA
  • MAX STD Li-Lonen 1200 with on-board inverter 230 V AC/1200 VA


  • MAX STD Li-ion series can be equipped with an ACD MFT 10″, 12″ or 15″ rugged Vehicle Mount Terminal


  • MAX STD Li-ion series can be equipped with all optional accessories. Our sales team will be happy to take your call to assist you with a personalised configuration – 01425 489 234
Illustration by: Jonathan Dawson